Authors and Writers Learn How to Make Money Writing

ADAP Facebook Cover BannerMost readers of ebooks enjoy a free ebook novel, after all who doesn’t want something free? Unfortunately that’s a not very sustainable model for publishers and self-publishing authors. Piracy is rampant and odious copy protection and DRM schemes become the norm among large publishers and ebook retailers. So how do we reconcile the two conflicting needs for monetizing ebooks by publishers and authors versus keeping ebooks for free for potential fans? In short, how do authors earn money writing?

Interestingly, many self-published authors have a base of readers that numbers in the hundreds of thousands which is a considerable resource. Why? Because these are eyeballs from a demographic with considerable disposable income; after all, they did invest in an ebook reader, tablet, smartphone or laptop.

That’s where BookIM comes in and their various marketing programs for publishers and self-published authors. We proudly introduce the ADAP Program – ADvertising for Authors and Publishers – a new Ad Marketing Program for Authors, Advertisers and Publishers to adapt to the ongoing challenges of technology convergence. ADAP is the next step to revolutionizing book publishing. ADAP is a program that balances the needs of readers, publishers, authors and advertisers. ADAP will give self-publishing authors new opportunities to create revenue from their hard work.

BookIM has programs that allow sponsors, i.e. advertisers, to insert quality non-offensive interstitials inside the ebook without offending readers and distracting from the flow of the novel. All ads are subject to the approval of the author and can support a number of ebook publishing platforms. The fans get their novel for free, the publisher and author gets some much necessary revenue and the advertisers get a wide distribution among some very dedicated consumers with a product that has a long shelf-life. Plus depending on the platform the ads can interactive with page hyper-links that redirect to a chosen site so the ad campaigns can remain fresh!