BookIM Program

The BookIM Program and Services is designed to provide all authors a cost-effective service to drive motivated readers to the distribution page of their choice. Instead of costing thousands of dollars this program,depending on the options, cost hundreds.  The cost of your investment in this program is more than compensated by higher book sales and the creation of a reader fan base for future endeavors.

To monetize the key BookIM program is ADAP: Advertsing for Authors and Publishers.

The BookIM Marketing program consists of these main components:

1. Genre definition of the book and the associated keywords: the primary marketing effort is to identify an effective, long-tail keyword strategy for the Author that will target readers of their particular genre. This is an elaborate research phase that is carefully researched and then shared with the Author.  This is the backbone for the IM campaign.
2. The creation of the BookIM landing page for the novel: This will be optimized for the long-tail marketing keywords discussed earlier.
3.  The Long-tail SEO keyword campaign:

  • IM Campaign including SEO optimization
  • Article Campaigns based on the long-tail analysis
  • Book Press Release
  • Optional AdSense Campaign

4. Can support multiple campaigns and genres;the standard is two Web 2.0 campaigns including:

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Twitter
  • YouTube – Optional

Available BookIM Programs:

1. Bronze Program: BoookIM Author Page and Genre Optimization for one Novel:  $295
2. Silver Program: BoookIM Author Page and Genre Optimization and Web 2.0 Campaign for One Novel:  $495
3. Gold Program:  BoookIM Author Page and Genre Optimization and Web 2.0 Campaign for multiple Novels:  $795

After first year Annual subscription is $195 each year. Disclaimer:  All marketing campaigns are subject to review and approval by BookIM.  BookIM reserves the right not to market specific authors or titles.  In particular, titles that are not up to the editorial standards of the team maybe refused as well pornography and hate-related material as per the definition of community standards.