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ADAP Advertising for Authors and Publishers

ADAP Advertising for Authors and Publishers

BookIM, short for Book Internet Marketing, is a consulting service to assist authors in the tricky areas of book marketing and ebook advertising. In the past the book advertising activities ranged from traditional print display ads, direct mail and email campaigns to online pay per click ads. These kinds of book advertising activities were expensive, so much so only the publishers could afford these expensive book advertising campaigns. Furthermore; author’s advances and royalties were never large enough to allow authors to do their own book advertising if a publisher declined to invest in these necessary book advertising campaigns.  How many times in the past have we heard authors complain that their publisher had let them down regarding the book advertising of their latest release?

Today the marketing challenges are different and far more varied. Most of the work still revolves around the writing, editing and marketing of the work but the actual publishing/distribution aspects have been addressed by the likes of Amazon. However; the marketing piece of the puzzle is a bit of a quandary and requires the greatest flexibility on the part of the fledgling author. Worse, Internet book advertising is both time consuming and expensive.  The web book advertising tasks can involve a book site or minimally a blog for the author’s various fans to turn to. What you may not have heard is the term Internet Aggregators.  Aggregators pull “products” together and offer them for sale under a single domain. You know who they are, for example, iTunes aggregates music for consumers while Amazon is, of course, is a massive aggregator of music, books, ebooks and retail in general.

Google’s AdSense pay to play book advertising completes the selling cycle by pulling the publishers’ offerings together in a series of ads for a perspective reader.  If you have money you could have somebody else do the AdSense campaign work but you still must monitor the ongoing mess and those services will cost you a hefty consulting bill.

Now add to the mix a new Web 2.0 social media world and their demanding book advertising requirements. To compete, the author must now undertake numerous book advertising efforts related to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in order to grow and maintain a fan base. In the past that type of fan activity had been relegated to the obligatory series of author interviews and book signings. Not anymore and this brave, new book advertising world is leaving many promising authors unread and in the dust!

BookIM recognizes that the authors of the 300,000 ebooks released annually are not monetizing their writing efforts!

In, short authors are failing miserably at getting money for writing!

To address this failing we proudly introduce the ADAP Program – ADvertising for Authors and Publishers – a new Ad Marketing Program for Authors, Advertisers and Publishers to adapt to the ongoing challenges of technology convergence. ADAP is the next step to revolutionizing book publishing. ADAP is a program that balances the needs of readers, publishers, authors and advertisers. ADAP will give self-publishing authors new opportunities to create revenue from their hard work.

How does ADAP work?

ADAP brings together leading members of the advertising and publishing world to offer alternatives to the existing publishing model by creating a cloud technology platform that delivers ebooks advertisements in manner that is unobtrusive to the reader. In essence, ADAP is an advertising marketing platform that gives self-publishing authors new opportunities to earn money from writing. The ADAP program is also being offered to independent publishers that primarily service the self- publishing writing community.

The core technology in ADAP is ARPE, the Author-Reader Preference Engine that balances the personal choices of authors and readers to create a seamless reading experience.  ADAP requires that both the authors and readers opt-in to the program and they are subsequently evaluated to select the appropriate ad content in accordance with their own personal tastes and consumer interests.  Based on their selections ARPE, by use of a proprietary rating algorithm, generates a custom ebook formatted with the selected ads that is then delivered directly to the reader. The ads are placed strategically throughout the novel, as for example, at the end of a chapter. The experience is very much in line with what is seen with traditional periodic publishing and actually harkens back to the early days of novel serialization within magazines. If something catches the reader’s interest the reader can choose to follow the ad copy; if not, the reader can simply move on to the next page in the novel and continue with their reading uninterrupted. The reader gets ebook ads that they are comfortable with; the advertiser, in turn, gets a motivated customer while simultaneously the author collects a much needed monthly disbursement based on the number of ebooks downloaded.

In the near future ADAP will release a new Android based ebook format that will allow greater interactivity with all media in the ebook in addition to presenting behavioral ebook advertisements to the reader. This new ebook format can deliver entirely new ads with each reading.

The ADAP program was conceived by Erik John Bertel, himself a self-publishing author and an advocate for the self-publishing writer movement. To also engage publishers BookIM is introducing the ADAP Affiliate program and is extending an invitation to all independent publishers to participate and enroll their authors into the ADAP program.

What’s in ADAP for everybody? Unlike traditional book marketing or ebook advertisement programs the ADAP marketing program has the following advantages:

  1. Allows authors to monetize their efforts while retaining control over their works. Copyright owners of the ebook, be it publishers or authors, own the right to refuse any given ad and their placement. In short, ADAP helps authors earn money writing.
  2. ADAP’s Affiliate program allows independent publishers to generate new revenue streams apart from Amazon with ad programs, sponsorships and interactive ads.
  3. Direct Marketers and Advertisers get to discover an entirely new ad content platform and demographic to invest in with consumers that have real disposable income.
  4. Readers get access to quality discounted or free ebooks. If they dislike the ebook advertisements they can purchase the same novel ad-free at Amazon.com, Smashwords or other ebook publishers. Thus the level of advertising intrusiveness can be directly related to the reader’s spending or tolerance for ad material.

Key features of the ADAP ebook Advertisements include:

• Interstitials ( ebook advertisements) can have hyper-links to dynamic pages.

• Ebook Advertisements can be full color with numerous locations within the ebook.

• Ebook Advertisements can be auto-opening.

• Ebook Advertisements can be refreshed on a weekly to monthly basis.

• Instead of Interstitials advertisers also have the option of being novel or author sponsors.

• Monthly to weekly demographic reports. • Discounts available for advertising with all a number of different novels.

• Advertisers can choose any number of different genera or authors to advertise with.

• Authors and Publishers have the final say on ad selection and placement and are strategically placed so as not to interfere with the read.

• Future ad platforms will allows ads to be interactive and behavioral.

Isn’t it time for your book marketing program to ADAP? Contact BookIM for more information about ADAP and how to earn money from writing!


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