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Effective, affordable book marketing for the self-publishing author. Details and pricing below on page…

BookIM is proud to announce a new direct marketing program with the type of results that authors and publishers have been waiting for since the advent of the Internet. BookIM is sponsoring a Book Club Avid Reader program that will deliver the type of avid and dedicated readers that all authors have been yearning for!

This new marketing programs finds, contacts and engages avid readers of all genres. This program is flexible, doesn’t require an annual contract and allows you the author or publisher the control you want over your readers. You create the campaign and we integrate our marketing efforts with yours. In short, we drive the readers to you. Unsure how to create a winning marketing campaign? Our staff can show you how to maximize your results!

Here are the program details:

  • A professional direct marketing program with incredible returns for your marketing dollar.
  • Create real fans with lasting power.
  • Keep your fans!
  • Get instant access to your fans with ongoing campaigns.
  • Deliver the fans to your marketing vehicle.
  • Get opportunity to interact with your fans on your terms.
  • Regular podcasts to fans
  • Program available to English speaking authors and fans in North America and Europe.
  • Be sure to follow announcements on Facebook & Twitter
  • There is a program to fit every budget
  • Publishers also welcome
  • Appropriate for all genres


Our Affordable Plans and Pricing

We offer the most flexible marketing campaigns in the industry. Call today and we’ll be glad to put together a marketing program for you.

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