BookIM FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ regarding BookIM’s marketing programs.

I am already published; can BookIM help improve my book sales?

Even if you are already published BookIM can assist in the  marketing and sales of your ebook or novel.  However; BookIM does not directly sell your book but instead drives motivated reader traffic to your home page or distributor sell page.

Does it matter what format my book is in?

Not it does not matter. BookIM is appropriate for the marketing of eBooks and regular books alike, published and self-published.

How is BookIM different from Amazon and Barnes & Noble?

BookIM works in conjunction with Amazon or Barnes and Noble by driving motivated buyers to your existing book page at these retailers.

Will BookIM help me publish my book?

No, we can give you advice but BookIM is primarily focused on the marketing of your existing book.

Will BookIM sell my book at the BookIM site?

No, we drive readers to your existing retail sales page.

Does BookIM get any future royalties from my novels?

No, your signed deal with BookIM is the extent of your  financial obligation to BookIM. We do not take royalties from the sales of your  books.

Do I lose any of my intellectual rights by going with BookIM?

Absolutely not, your books and novels will always remain the intellectual property of you and your publisher.

Is BookIM just a reader forum?

In the near future there will be a reader forum to allow authors to communicate with readers but the heart of BookIM is actually the targeted SEO marketing campaign for your given book or novel.

How is Book IM different from other book marketing parties?

BookIM is unique from other book marketers in its ability to analyze your book and the existing completive landscape and from that analysis creating a customized campaign tailored solely to your book.  No other book marketer is capable of driving such targeted reader/buyers.

Is there a long term contract with BookIM?

No, the initial marketing campaign is a separate campaign and there are monthly options for ongoing maintenance campaigns.

Can BookIM market all of my books?

Yes, however; each book is considered a separate standalone marketing campaign due to the nature of BookIM customized targeted Internet Marketing efforts. Discounts are, of course, available for multiple campaigns by a single author.  Please contact BookIM account representative for further details.

What guarantees are associated with BookIM?

If you are not satisfied with results of the BookIM campaign you may cancel at any time and BookIM will refund your money minus any marketing costs that may have been incurred during a given campaign.

What types and genres of books do you market at BookIM?

Works of fiction and non-fiction subject to the review of the BookIM staff may qualify for a BookIM campaign.  The staff of BookIM will review each proposed book entry and all marketing campaigns are subject to review and approval by BookIM. BookIM reserves the right not to market specific authors or titles. In particular, titles that are not up to the editorial standards of the team maybe refused as well pornography and hate-related material as per the definition of community standards. Informational PDFs  and WSOs will be supported in the near future by a separate BookIM site.