Do Authors Deserve Money For Writing?

You can be an ADAP Affiliate!

You can be an ADAP Affiliate!

To All Authors and Independent Publishers,

We know why you are here at this site; you’re writing for money. Sure it’s a rush to complete your novel but now you want to make money from your writing and you want readers as well! With BookIM’s new ADAP program you can give your ebook away and still monetize your writing efforts.

It’s an age-old problem for authors, you finally get your ebook published but your precious book gets lost in a sea of other releases. The sad truth is the culmination of your dreams will most likely end up being unread and you will receive little acclamation and even fewer readers. The reality is publishers only invest and promote known commodities, authors such as King and Rowlands; newbie authors need not apply. You spend your free time at the publishers marketplace but you make no headway.The question is how do you as an author publicize and book market your novel without money? After all, editors, graphic artists and marketing companies do cost money and nowadays that money must come from the author not from the publisher. Getting money for your writing is a challenge faced by all authors.

Wait a minute, as an author you might be asking didn’t this all change with the advent of kindle publishing at Amazon? Haven’t the old publishing model/companies been replaced by their electronic counterpart; Kindle e-book retailers such as Amazon and older traditional companies such as Barnes and Nobles? The cost of publishing an e-book has dropped to nothing with much of the platform cost being borne by the reader of e-books. Better yet, the new retailers offer both e-commerce, encryption and delivery services for authors.

Good times for authors, right? Not quite, even though an entire multi-billion dollar publishing industry is changing with the dead tree books being replaced by e-books there are still formidable book marketing challenges to all authors. In fact, the book marketing challenge is exactly the same, only now instead of getting lost in a sea of titles at the bookstore your e-book is buried in the bowels of the Amazon e-commerce giant, one lonely e-book page among hundreds of thousands of other offerings. Bottom line, you still have to drive readers to your book/e-books otherwise your offering gets lost with the favorites still being favored and promoted by traditional marketing campaigns that no independent author could afford. You still need money from your writing to make your book a success.

What do you do as an author to monetize your writing? Engage with a new ebook advertising service called BookIM and let our proprietary ADAP program monetize your book for you! You don’t have to go it along when you are writing for money! If you’re not an author be sure to check out our ADAP Affiliate program!

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