Don’t Waste $$ on Hosting & SEO, Talk to Us on How to Market Your Book

Custom Targeted Marketing for Any Budget

Our direct marketing campaigns are based on your book’s genre not a canned house list. We’ll actively recruit new readers for your book that will remain your fans using your available budget!

We Design Landing Pages That Are Compelling to Readers

We’ll help you design landing pages on your web or fulfillment site that will create a sense of excitement and urgency for your book offer! We’ll then convert casual browsers into buyers of your books!

Any Genre, Any Format

Take advantage of our free marketing call and get some great tips on how to market your book for your genre and in any format: ebook or printed!

Sales with No Annual Contract!

We’ll do more than get brand recognition for your book, we’ll get you sales! And we do so without the need for an annual contract. As your needs change you can modify your marketing program accordingly!

Our Affordable Plans : Use Chat or call 631.751.5116 to Order!

No Sales? Our Direct Marketing Programs and Landing Pages Will Sell Your Book!

Placing a book on Amazon is not enough to sell your book! Instead, rely on the multi-channel direct marketing programs from BookIM to deliver the readers that you have been seeking but at a price you can afford. These targeted promotions work with all different genres, including fiction or non-fiction and in ebook or printed formats with no annual contract. Best yet, you get to keep your readers at BookIM! Pricing below on page…

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