Ivy Pochoda

Three books offering “strangulated rapture” and “hallucinatory poetry” to the author of Visitation Street.  

BNR Recommends: 10 Great International Noirs

For many of us, summer reading means the chance to experience exotic locales beyond those frequent-flier miles can reach– or to indulge in a safely imaginary excursion to the shadowy sides of human experience.  Why not combine the two?  Crime noir from...

Thinking in Numbers

Mathematical savant Daniel Tammet explores the beauty of the underlying math in our lives – from the passage of time to the reasons behind who we love – and the poignancy of numbers in determining how we decide to live.

The Glass Ocean

Lori Baker’s debut novel follows the newly orphaned Carlotta Dell’oro as she examines the lives of her parents – glassblower Leopoldo and his cold-but-beautiful Clotilde –  and their romantic trajectory spanning the ages.