Closing Time

What to Expect During the Government Shutdown: Answers from The U.S. Department of Self-Infliction’s information portal   Currency   In the event of a government shutdown, the public is asked to return all paper money and coins to the...

Fighting Indifference

September 30: “After the war we reassured ourselves that it would be enough to relate a single night in Treblinka, to tell of the cruelty, the senselessness of murder, and the outrage born of indifference:”  

Man Alive!

In this quirky and insightful novel, a pediatric psychiatrist’s life – and those of his patients – is changed forever when he is struck by lightning and becomes obsessed with barbecuing.

Norman Invasion

September 28: “Three horses were killed under him and fell. Three times he sprang to the ground undaunted, and avenged without delay the loss of his steed.”