Piano Stories

Dubbed “a writer like no other” in Italo Calvino’s introduction to this newly reissued short story collection, Felisberto Hernandez here emerges as an underappreciated master of magical realism in the tradition of Cortazar and Marquez.


The possibility of global warming presents an ominous view of future generations.  But as McKenzie Funk’s startling study reports, some of the world’s biggest corporations have plans for turning impending climate change into record profits.

Call Me Burroughs

Beat Generation historian Barry Miles issues his definitive biography of William Burroughs: fabulist, banned author, profane poet, painter, gay icon, musician, violent soul, loyal ally, and groundbreaking writer.

Death of a Private

January 31: “Eleven bullets struck Slovik, including two in the left arm; not one hit his heart. Even the Army’s finest marksmen trembled at such an awful moment.”