K. Ione Kellerhas

K. Ione Kellerhas has published a new urban fantasy titled “The Torc of Anubis” the first of a series titled “Dawn Child”.

There are no angelic choirs, no gospels, no hymns. Liadan Aswarde is not that kind of avatar.

The Torc of Anubis: one of seven ancient Seals used to separate reality into different realms. But the Torc also holds the power of Anubis, granting the ability to control the undead to those who normally lack the gift. A weak necromancer’s apprentice coming into possession of such a powerful relic, for example, would be very bad news. The necromancer searching for the apprentice in the territory of a Guardian Avatar charged with protecting humanity from magical creatures would be worse. And if the apprentice asks for protection from a paladin of the Catholic Church who happens to be in town investigating miracles? Well, disaster is sure to follow.

After thousands of years of protecting mankind from the imperfect splitting of the realms and policing the creatures that bump through both day and night, Liadan is now faced with zombies rising impossibly from their graves and rifts being formed in the fabric of reality. Imps are crossing recklessly over into our modern world. And this chaos can have only one cause: The Torc of Anubis.

Liadan knows securing the Torc and avoiding those who may harm or exploit her will not be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

You can download the Torc of Anubis at Amazon.com.

Dawn Child: a myth in modern times.