Guide To Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing doesn’t have to be tortuous and BookIM can show you the way. What follows is a series of six slides that will give you outline of the process.

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Get Your Book Edited

It pays to get your book professionally edited. Nothing destroys the creditability of a well-written book like spelling errors, grammar mistakes and other inconsistencies in the writing. A good editor can address those problems for you. And no, a relative is not necessarily a good choice no matter how cheap they are!

Look for freelance editors at, and Cost should be between .12 to .25 per word. There’s proofing that checks the final formatting for printing, copy editing that address spelling and grammar and finally full or substantive editing that addresses document organization.

Get a Professionally Made Cover

A good cover is critical to get noticed on retail landing pages at Amazon and Barnes& Noble. In fact, 50% of your sales will be based on quick judgment call by people liking or disliking your cover and that’s usually just a thumbnail. So don’t scrimp and use your child’s refrigerator art, take the time to get a cover done professionally.

Get an Agent or Go Self-Published?

Now you have to decide if you want to take your book to a publishers. Unsolicited books will get no attention from a publisher which means you have to get an agent to get read. Agents are difficult to acquire and they get a percentage of your earnings.

Also, having an agent does not necessarily mean you will get a book deal from a publisher. And even if you get a book deal first time authors will get little marketing support from publishers. Marketing dollars are saved for the proven earners or best-selling authors. Don’t fret, BookIM can work with your existing publishers as well! Give us a call!

Do You Really Need PrintCopies of Your Book?

If you decide to self-publish you can save thousands of dollars on printing by just going the ebook route. Over 40% of the present book market is in ebooks and it’s a viable option particularly for first-time authors with limited funds.

BookIM can set up your ebook for as little as $99.

Website and Social Media?

Consider getting a website for your book, a particularly good investment if you plan on writing additional books. A website allows you to wage custom marketing campaigns and gives you an opportunity to acquire reader names for mailing lists. Also, once established you can get free traffic from Google and other search engines. It’s a powerful tool and one we provide at BookIM with our Gold Marketing Plan for free.

Also, consider having a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Account. Again BookIM can show you how!

Get Marketing Help

Published or self-published, Don’t Go it Alone! Even the largest publishers are notorious for not spending money on marketing except for their best selling authors.

BookIM combines traditional book marketing with direct marketing campaigns such as Google and Bing web ads and email to deliver the buying readers you desire but at a price you can afford. These custom targeted promotions work with different genres, including fiction or non-fiction, self-publisher or with a publisher and in ebook or printed formats with no annual contract. Also, you get to keep your readers at BookIM

Remember if you have questions call us at 631-751-5116 or join us on our chat line below!

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Custom Targeted Marketing for Any Budget

Our direct marketing campaigns are based on your book’s genre not a canned house list. We’ll actively recruit new readers for your book that will remain your fans using your available budget!

We Design Landing Pages That Are Compelling to Readers

We’ll help you design landing pages on your web or fulfillment site that will create a sense of excitement and urgency for your book offer! We’ll then convert casual browsers into buyers of your books!

Any Genre, Any Format

Take advantage of our free marketing call and get some great tips on how to market your book for your genre and in any format: ebook or printed! We work with all genres including sci-fi, fantasy, children’s, thrillers, self-help, erotica and more!

Sales with No Annual Contract!

We’ll do more than get brand recognition for your book, we’ll get you sales! And we do so without the need for an annual contract. As your needs change you can modify your marketing program accordingly!

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