Kickstarter Campaigns

As an author you may or may not be aware of the phenomenon known as crowdfunding and how important it can be to your publishing efforts. You should consider a crowd funding project if you have a new creative project such as a novel or play, lack the funding to complete the project and if -this is a big if by the way – already have a loyal fan following. Pricing details below on page…

Custom Targeted Marketing

Our direct marketing campaigns are based on your book’s genre not a canned house list. We’ll actively recruit new Kickstarter sponsors for your book!

Designed for Any Budget

We’ll work with you and design a Kickstarter campaign that works with your budget. That also means we can be flexible in terms of payment schedule.

Free No Obligation Consultation

Take advantage of our free marketing call and get some great suggestions and tips on how to launch your Kickstarter campaign for your book!

Sales with No Annual Contract!

We’ll do more than get brand recognition for your book, we’ll get you sales! And we do so without the need for an annual contract. As your needs you can change your marketing program accordingly!

Our Affordable Plans and Pricing

We offer the most flexible marketing campaigns in the industry. Call today and we’ll be glad to put together a Kickstarter program for you.


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