BookIM: Getting Motivated Readers for Your Books

Problem:  The age old pro blem for authors is that they finally get their book published and then they end up having it sit somewhere, either at the book store in the dollar bin or in their garage if they self-published. Publishers only promote commodity authors such as King and Rowlands; newbies need not apply. The question is how do you as an author publicize and market their material and then finally monetize those efforts?  The old publishing model/companies have been replaced by their electronic equivalent; what I call aggregators (ebook retailers) such as Amazon and traditional companies such as Barnes and Nobles that have made moves into the market space. They offer both ecommerce, encryption and delivery services but little more.  The media has changed that is real books are replaced by e-books.  The reader platforms will continue to evolve from dedicated eBook readers to mobile platforms such as the iPhone and others.  However, everything else is the same and the e-books still get lost in the forest with the favorites being promoted, old boy connections rule and there is no true marketing model authors can adopt. Solutions:  Internet Direct Marketing that includes targeted campaigns at the appropriate keyword niches to drive motivated traffic to author’s landing page or site.

  1. Can be an aggregator or a ring of authors but necessary.
  2.  Develop content to match specific key words tied to the subject matter of the ebook and audience. (adventure, romance etc,)
  3. Use keyword links that are tied to the reader who would be interested in the book, in the beginning we can be more generic.
  4. Need a liberal encryption model that ties the reader’s processor to an online entitlement system. Each install require a check with EMS.  Enforce a liberal encryption model that allows individual installs on three different platforms. Requires Internet access and this should not be stumbling block for this particular demographic.
  5. Do not be tied to a particular reader or platform.
  6. The DM model will drive good, motivated traffic to the site, author can chose model but a standard giveaway such as a free e-book is used to hook new readers.  Authors such as Sigler have used this model to land book deals but note they are still tied to the old school publishers for monetizing.  I suggest we break the dependency on this model by going direct.
  7. Sell e-books at a low price and rely on good traffic to improve conversion rates. Make ecommerce convenient support major plus Pay Pal.  Can combine Organic SEO with driving traffic with AdSense, if cost effective or a competitive niche.