This is from DemandProgress and represents a new threat to the Internet.  What industry can’t get from Congress they will arrange in back door deals with one anoter.  I will have another post about how the book publishing industry has colluded in the past and how the Justice Department is now suing all of the big boys including Apple and Penguin Publishing.  The MPAA and RIAA have fixed prices for decades. Doubt what I say? Remember how much vinyl albums used to cost?  As consumers moved to CDs, they were priced at the same level. Ignore at your own risk folks and another reason why you should support ADAP! Here is the contents of the email:

Six Strikes is here.

Beginning today, AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon have all agreed to start spying on their users.

That’s right. The US’s largest Internet Service Providers are implementing a new “online infringement” plan to identify and punish, with virtually no due process, users suspected of downloading copyrighted content.

Click here to tell the ISPs: no cyber-snooping, no punitive new copyright rules. 

After a year of back room dealing with the MPAA and RIAA, the nation’s top ISPs have agreed to use the so-called “Copyright Alert System” (or “Six Strikes”) to go after customers suspected of file-sharing

Following a series of escalating warnings, the plan would allow ISPs to slow down, or “throttle,” the Internet connection of suspected copyright violators.

And if you want to contest the accusation? That will cost you $35.

Click here to put the ISPs on notice: stop overly punitive infringement policies or we’ll take our business elsewhere.

The new plan would jeopardize open and public WIFI networks, and lead to widespread wrongful accusations for those who share a network at home, in a WIFI hot spot, or in the workplace.

Six Strikes is designed to safeguard the profits of America’s wealthiest industries by tracking, targeting, and punishing internet users. Click here to oppose Six Strikes.